The low maintenance required of Kinergy driven machines lends itself very well to the foundry industry. In addition, the concept of one simple “Common Drive” for Foundry Vibrating Equipment delivers multiple benefits:

  • A 75% decrease in power consumption
  • The electrical control for output adjustment is greatly simplified
  • Load abuse is tolerated
  • The few interchangeable drive components are a relief to maintenance
  • The cost is competitive with units equipped with alternate drives

  • Attrition Mills
  • Casting Coolers
  • Conveyors & Feeders
  • Furnace Charge Feeders
  • Mold Compactors
  • Sand Cleaning Screens
  • Shakeouts

For metalcasting operations, Kinergy provides conveying machines that perform a variety of functions in the foundry. Our heavy-duty conveyors are used for returning sand, lump breaking, handling poured scrap, and cooling.

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