Comprehensive material and equipment testing in a qualified lab has proven to avert common issues associated with processing bulk solids material. Testing can also bring to light new challenges which can be circumvented before any problems may arise, validate new equipment designs and processes, and facilitate a quicker return on investment.

  • Quality Control
  • Product Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Cost Reduction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Innovation & Competitive Advantage

The CPEG Innovation Center & Test Lab offers full analysis of material characteristics and measurements of material behavior in specific processing applications, ensuring our customers an efficient, reliable and safe solution.

Testing data is how custom equipment is engineered and sized to meet exact processing specifications. The CPEG test lab is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and staffed with trained technicians to analyze the test results, provide recommendations, and help solve any issues. Material characteristics and behavior are tracked and analyzed with the use of computerized data collection, moisture analyzers, and particle size analysis equipment.

Testing materials prior to purchasing process equipment is important as it ensures quality control, risk management, optimizes processes, reduces costs, streamlined workflows, and ensures regulatory compliance. It allows companies to make informed decisions, select the right equipment, and maximize operational efficiency, ultimately leading to improved productivity and profitability.

Regardless of the material, we are so confident in the quality and accuracy of our Innovation Center Test Lab that we offer a process warranty on equipment built from test lab data. Additionally, process test fees are refundable against a purchase of equipment, making testing essentially free.

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